Sunday, April 29, 2012

Welcome to MIAMI !!!!! uuuuuuuuhhh yeeeeyeeeaaah !!

Stand up man sleeping !

Welcome to Miami !!!

First palms of Miami

On the bus to South Miami Beach...

International Hostel

Our room in the hostel with other 4 undefined animals

Pamela Anderson: "Somebody saaave meeee !!!!"
Tarkanian lifeguard: "I'm the right maaaaan .. Don't worry !!!"

South Miami Beach in the Night !

DiscoBUS !

Finally a sunny day in South Miami Beach ! Thanks God !

Old old hobo !

In front of the International Hostel !

Cameo !

Probably a furt !

Strange monkey on the table at breakfast

Bus tour !

Little Havana

City Hall

Coral Gables

Bagno veneziano

Piazza De Soto

Banyan tree

Biltmore Hotel

Little Bahamas

Boat tour

Viagra is a good business !

Silvester Stallone


Ford Thunderbird


Horatio Cane's car

Good taste man !

Key West adventure coming soon ....

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